Reading by 9 Books Arrive at Buena Park Library

Reading by 9 Books Arrive at Buena Park Library

Books are being donated to Local Schools and the Buena Park Library.

On Tuesday April 3rd at 5:30 PM

At the monthly Buena Park Library Board Meeting a special presentation will take place.
A delegation of Rotary Club members including President Steve Chen and Volunteer Guild President Luann O’Hara will jointly make a donation. Children’s Books with a value of $2,500 will be donated to the Young Readers Collection of the Buena Park Library. The Volunteer Guild and the Rotary Club were partners in the book purchase. Assisting in the effort were members of the North Orange County Community Rotaract Service Club. This is the fifth year in which the Library has received books thru the Buena Park Rotary Ready-By-9 program.

On Wednesday April 4 at 1:30 PM
A delegation of Rotarians will be at Designer Elementary School on April 4th. Rotary will be donating $600 in children’s books. Principal Rick Hoss will accept the book at an awards assembly at 1:20 PM.

During the next few days other donations will be made to: Walter Knott, Gilbert and Whitaker Elementary Schools. Each school picked the book titles to be donated. The Dollar Value being donated to Buena Park Schools and the Library this year is $5,000.

The Idea of Reading by 9
No skill is more important to the future of a child, than literacy.
In Southern California, 60% of third-graders cannot read at grade level. Research shows that children who fail to read by the age of nine rarely catch up later. In many cases, these children may never be able to realize their full potential or contribute and participate fully in our society.
Nine years ago, the LATimes launched Reading by 9 in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties. Reading by 9 is a multi-year campaign aimed at helping kindergarten through third-grade students read at grade level by the age of nine. Of the 181 school districts, 2000 public elementary school, 90 languages are spoken. In the five county regions, over 50% of the more than 2 million kindergartens through third-grade students are below reading level. Southern California students rank among the lowest in the nation in reading skills.
The Reading by 9 vision is that 95% of all children in Southern California will read in English at grade level by age nine. The LA Times partners with The Rotary Club and business, civic, education, government, media and philanthropic organizations to support child literacy initiatives. You may make a donation to the Buena Park Reading by 9 project by sending checks made out to the Rotary Club of Buena Park., (with a notation for reading by 9) at PO Box 5278 Buena Park, Ca. 90622-5278.