Holiday Party Jan 5th 2008

Buena Park Rotary Family Holiday Party

The Buena Park Rotary family held their holiday party at Knott’s Resort on Saturday, January 5th.

The party organizers were Dr. Diane Scheerhorn and Dr. Elizabeth Swift. The party included storytelling and Christmas Carols. A dance was performed from the Wizard of Oz by a little girl Dorothy look-alike with her red shoes. Little Miss Bailey was a hit. Guest instrumentalist Mary Ellen Hicks performed on the keyboard.

Club President Shailesh Shah presided over the festive occasion. Every one had a great time participating in the gift exchange. Past Rotary District Governor Lane Calvert and his wife Connie said it was great fun being with such a terrific bunch of Rotarians.

Shailesh Shah, Dr. Diane Scheerhorn, Dr. Beth Swift, Tom Polley, Dr. George West, Mike Mahoney, Armie Bailey, Jim Paisley, Edwin Lucas, Dennis Salts, Woo Lim, Baron Night and their families were at the party.

Rotary Club meets each week at Mrs Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant on Wednesday at noon. Guests are welcome.