Tracy Austin Salts CSUF Grad BA May 2008

Salts Family with Tracy on Graduation Day May 18th 2008

Tracy Austin Salts received her Bachelor’s Degree on May 18th at a ceremony at California State University Fullerton. She is a member of the National Honor Society. Her major was in Political Science.
She graduated from Savanna High and received an AA Degree from Fullerton College. Tracy is active in the community, being a member of Rotary International’s Rotaract Club, where she is a past Club President. Ms: Tracy Salts is a Rotary Foundation Paul Harris Fellow.
Tracy is a Life Girl Scout who earned her Silver Award. She is an alumni of the Horizon Girl Scout troop in Anaheim. She was the Yearbook Chairman during her senior year in High School. While at Brookhurst Junior High, she won the Disney Challenge in Drama and was honored by Disney President Ms. Katherine Harris. Autumn Browne was her Drama Coach.
Tracy is artistic and talented in several areas: photography, creative writing, playing piano, graphic arts, web-site design, and cooking.
We congratulate Tracy and her parents Dennis and Christiane for a job well done.