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Cordelia Knott Pioneering Business Woman Book Cover

Who was Cordelia Knott?

This question will be answered in a new book entitled “Cordelia Knott, Pioneering Business Woman.” The author is Buena Park Rotarian Christiane Salts. The book is a biography written for upper elementary school children as well as adults. Below is part of the book’s forward.

“Have you ever thought of doing something that others told you was far-fetched or would be hard to achieve? Maybe you wanted to learn a new skill, reach a certain score in a sport, or find a way to sell something you made. If you tried hard and reached your goal, you could call yourself ‘determined.’ The person this book is about was just that, and much more.”

“Cordelia Hornaday was born on January 23, 1890, in Bushton, Illinois. Her mother died when she was just 11. In order to cope, she learned to be self-reliant and strong. Cordelia graduated from high school, but never had the chance to go to school for extra training afterwards. She was self-taught and had a knack for working with food to make it presentable and tasty. Today we would call her a master chef, even though she never went to culinary school.”

“This is the story of her life, and how she built a successful business from scratch. It was to become a world-famous venture. This is also the story of her marriage to Walter Knott and how they worked together with the help of their four children and many others to keep the history of their western ancestors alive.”

The Knott family’s many contributions to Southern California history are legendary. We often think of Knott’s Berry Farm as an amusement park, which it is today, but it all began with ten acres of rented land and a dream. Walter Knott was a member of the Buena Park Rotary Club in 1954 when it was founded.

Is on sale at Knott’s Berry Farm and the book signing event will be in November 21st at Mrs Knotts Chicken Dinner Restaurant. On December 2nd, the author will be the program at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant luncheon meeting for the Buena Park Rotary Club.
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