Book Signing at Mrs Knott’s

Snoopy with VIP Guests at Knott’s

Great new book entitled Cordelia Knott: Pioneering Business Woman Book Signing at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant.The Book Signers at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant, November 21, 2009.Linda (Pam) Elliot, server at Mrs. Knott’s, hired by Cordelia and worked at the Farm 51 years.
Stephen Knott, Cordelia’s grandson, was a key person in the growth of Knott’s Berry Farm.
Snoopy, a friend to Kids of all ages.
Christiane Salts, author of the book, Buena Park Resident, and lifetime teacher.
Hon. Irv Trinkle, long time Knott’s Employee and Centralia School Board Trustee.
Book Cordelia Knott: Pioneering Business Woman with Knott’s world famous preserves.
At Knott’s, books are for sale at Virginia’s, the Berry Market, at Mrs. Knott’s, inside the park,or on-line at Christiane Salts’s will be the speaker at Buena Park Rotary meeting 12:00 Noon at Mrs. Knott’s on Wed. Dec 2nd. Visitors are welcome. You can buy books and the author will sign your book.