2010 Teachers of the year named

Teacher Awards planned for April 28th 2010

Each year Buena Park Rotary Club honors distinguished local Teachers. In addition, Classified Employees are essential for schools, so we also honor Outstanding Classified Employees. This year’s honorees are:

Savanna High

Distinguished Teacher Brian Belski

Classified Employee Lisa Cruz

Buena Park High School

Distinguished Teacher Mark Vermillion.

Classified Employee Sandra Garcia

Centralia School District Raymond Temple School

Distinguished Teacher Sandy O’Dea

Classified Employee Charlene Fields

Buena Park School District Pendleton School

Distinguished Teacher Yona Roberts

Classified Employee Carmen Sandoval

Last years honoree’s for 2009 were:
Savanna High:
Distinguished Teacher Aracely Portillo—
Classified Employee Barbara Brooks.

Buena Park High School:
Distinguished Teacher Tamara Rodriguez-Kam-Classified Employee Bernie Rivas.

Centralia School District:
Distinguished Teacher Elizabeth “Betsy” Cruz–Classified Employee Mary Kamhi.

Buena Park School District:

Distinguished Teacher Alisha Tardiff—
Classified Employee Sue Pike.