Loreen Berlin Earns Community Service Award 2010

Loreen Berlin Earns Service Awardee 2010

Loreen Berlin is very active in the Buena Park Community and beyond. She wears many hats as a professional reporter, photographer, and newspaper columnist based in Orange County. In addition, she is on the Buena Park Chamber of Commerce Board of Trustees. You will see Loreen volunteering at many local events and of course taking beautiful pictures.

Her professional experience ranges from newspaper and magazine articles to radio broadcasting, acting and voice-overs. With her creative eye, Loreen has had the opportunity to turn special moments and events into photographic memories – accomplishing this with great pride and professionalism – and has been heard to say, many times, “I love this community.” It is a pleasure for Buena Park Rotary to Honor Loreen Berlin for her many years of service in and for our community.

Loreen will be Honored for her Distinguished Community Service at a luncheon on May 26th. The event is a Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant at 12:00 noon. Visitors are welcome, lunch is $13.50.

A bit of history: Loreen’s newspaper reporter days began back in 1990, writing theatre reviews and feature articles for the Star News in Pasadena and the Orange County News, which covers Garden Grove, Stanton and Westminster. Later, the Orange County News (which at one time, was the largest newspaper in all of Orange County) purchased the Buena Park Independent Newspaper. In 1997, Loreen’s duties were expanded when she was assigned to cover Buena Park and keep her hand on the pulse of the Buena Park Community.
To date, Loreen continues to be a Photo-Journalist for local Orange County newspapers. Loreen stated, “Local newspapers have always been of immense interest to me because they tell about the local people, who make the small communities work for us as citizens living there.”

Some of Loreen’s other interests include tatting (an ancient lost art of lace making), working in her yard, where she loves taking care of plants and flowers, and she enjoys spending time with her son and his family. Something many of you may not know about Loreen is that she has been shooting since she was 8 years old and has been recognized for her shooting skills (Outdoors for Women Magazine, 2001), where she was recognized for 3rd place in the AA Ladies Handgun Classic. So she is a “good shot” in more ways than one.