Rotarians Ed Royce & Sam Kim at Korean Freedom Rally in DC

Rotarians Royce & Kim at Korean Freedom Rally in DC

Buena Park Rotarian Congressman Ed Royce supported and participated in a Human Rights Rally in DC. Royce was presented a Special Appreciation Award by the Korean Church Coalition for North Korea Freedom’s. The award was for being a Champion on Behalf of the Voiceless, our North Korean Brothers, Sisters, and Orphans of North Korea. Congressman Royce is the author of HR 4986, “A bill to develop a strategy for assisting stateless children from North Korea.”

Pictures above were taken in DC last week: One shows Congressman Royce with High School and College Interns residing from the 40th congressional district presenting the award. During the rally it rained and Congressman Royce came out to address the group in the pouring rain. Five congressmen and one senator addressed the attendees. The bill HR 4986 is only eight votes from passing.

Sam Kim, who is our Buena Park Citizen of the Year, organized the Rally. Mr. Kim is a highly respected citizen and Businessman in our community. His Law office is on Beach Blvd in Buena Park.