Jan 2011 Vocational Service donations for Local Schools

Jan 2011 Vocational Service donations for Local Schools

Vocational Service donations for Local Schools

Buena Park Rotary Club works with and contributes to local schools throughout the year. During January, they made donations for disaster supplies and books.

The disaster supplies donations will be used to purchase replacement items for school site emergency/disaster stockpiles. The schools are responsible and must plan to care for all students for up to 72 hrs when there is a major catastrophic event, like an earthquake.
Some of these supplies, like food, need to be replaced every year.

Book donations made this year to local schools are in support of Reading-by-9 and Rotary Four-Way-Test promotion. Buena Park Rotary has donated “Andy and Elmer” books to all 3rd grade classes in the city. This year we are backfilling with additional books. Rotarians will visit local school on Read-Across-America Day and read the “Andy and Elmer” book to students. For info about the “Andy and Elmer” books (which is a Fairborn Rotary Club project) go to: http://www.andyandelmer.com/home.html
Buena Park donates Rotary International Comic Books to local Junior Highs. The titles are “Amazing Stories of Polio” and “The Remarkable Mr. Harris”. Both are available on the RI website: www.Rotary.org

Buena Park Club has a working relationship with all our local school districts: Anaheim Union High School, Fullerton Joint Union High, Buena Park and Centralia Elementary School districts. Our club also donates books to the Buena Park Library.

Many of our members are active in the schools. Some examples would be: Trustees Dr. Beth Swift, Dr. George West, Dennis Salts, Superintendent of Centralia School District Dr. Diane Scheerhorn, Asst/Principal Shari Brekenfeld of Buena Park High.

Buena Park Rotary meets at Mrs. Knott’s on Wednesdays at Noon, Visitors Welcome.