2011.07 08Buena Park Rotary Club Short History with pictures, up-dated July 2011

2011.07 08Buena Park Rotary Club Short History with pictures, up-dated July 2011

A brief HISTORY of Buena Park Rotary Club P.3

Club Presidents:
Charter President was Carl Lollin 1955-56,
Obie Callender 1956-57, Ray Andrews 1958-59

Charles Pink 1974-75, Jerry Todd 1975-76, Rick Miller 1976-77, Murry Sportsman 1978-79, Steve Rach 1979-80

Chandan Sen 1990-91, Ed Marks 1991-92, Dale Gates 1992-93, Mark Barber1993-94, Veena Desai 1994-95 Ed Marks 1995-96, Nancy Davis 1996-97, Jim Paisley 1997-98, Tom Polley 1998-99, George West 1999-2000, Tom Polley 2001-02 George West 2002-03 Kay Lee 2003-04, Dennis Salts 2004-05, Sam White 2005-06, Steve Chen 2006-07, Shailesh Shah 2007-08, Baron Night 2008-09, Maha Rayan 2009-10, Christiane Salts 2010-11, Elizabeth Swift 2011-12

Prominent Members:
Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient Walter Ehlers, Knott’s Berry Farm Founders Walter and Cordelia Knott, and their Grandson Steve Knott, US Congressman Ed Royce, County Supervisor & State Assemblyman Chris Norby, Past Mayor Tony Fonte, Past Mayor Patsy Marshall, City Council Member and Buena Park Elementary School District Trustee Elizabeth Swift, Centralia School District Centralia School District, Buena Park Library District and Chamber of Commerce Trustee Dennis Salts, Trustee Garden Grove School District George West, Superintendent Diane Scheerhorn, City Council Member Miller Oh, International Humanitarian Sam Kim.

Rotary Leaders:
District 5320 AG 2006-08, Youth Services Director 2007-09, Vocational Director 2009-11, Dennis Salts, District AG Steve Chen 2007-09, District AG 2006-08, Sergeant at Arms 2007-08 Tom Polley, George West District Rotaract Chair 2006-08, Co-Chairman of District 5320 Rotary Business Leadership awards Christiane and Dennis Salts. District 5320 Community Service Director 2011-12 Dennis Salts.

Foundation Donors: 100% Paul Harris Fellows Club 2009
Paul Harris Fellows: Dennis Salts, Christiane Salts, George West, Ed Marks, James Paisley, Tom Polley, Diane and Steve Scheerhorn, Steve Chen, Shailesh and Swati Shah, Baron Night, Tony Fonte, Carrie Salts, Tracy Salts, Kay Lee, Chris Norby, Don Prescott, Obie Callender, Reginald Callender, Irene Marks, Richard Westermann, EJ Andrews, Col. Harry Allen Austin, Mark Barbour, Frank Buschor, Victoria Buschor, Nancy Davis, Dale Gates, Robert Graves, Sally Holliday, Fred Pilling, Mary Recella Austin Salts, Fritz Oliver Salts, Ralph Selby, LC Storm, Elizabeth and Greg Swift, Michael Mahoney, Maha Ryan, Edwin Lucas, David Caldwell, Miller OH, Shari Brekenfeld, Steve Knott, Walter and Rolland Ehlers, Woo and Mina Lim, Sam Kim, Richard Clarke IV, Armie Bailey, Shari Brekenfeld.

The club continues to meet at Mrs Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant most weeks of the year at 12:00 PM. Visitors are welcome.

Rotary International Awards received by Buena Park Rotarians

The Rotary International Family and Community Service Award
Recognition for exemplary Service to Family and Community
2008 Christiane Salts, 2010 Connie Chen, 2011 Medal of Honor Recipient Walter Ehlers

The Cliff Dochterman International Fellowship of Scouting Rotarians Award
Awarded to exemplary Rotarians in the name of Past RI President Dr. Clifford Dochterman
2008 Dennis Salts, 2010 ChristianeSalts.

Rotary International Distinguished Presidential Citation 2010-11
Buena Park Rotary Club President Christiane Salts