2011.10 02 Moses Barrios

2011.10 02 Moses Barrios

Moses Barrios Joins Buena Park Rotary Club

Past Club Presidents: Christiane and Dennis Salts, George West, Shailesh Shah, and Baron Night Welcomed Moses to the Club.

Our newest member Moses Barrios received his certificate of membership, a copy of the Four-Way-Test, his Rotary pin and Badge.

Moses is Pastor of Crave Life Now, an Evangelical Covenant Church located in Norwalk. In addition he is a chaplain for the Salvation Army. He and his wife Brenda are Buena Park residents.

Moses is a Humanitarian who works to help those in need. He joined Buena Park Rotary to help us to help others. We are honored to welcome Moses to our Rotary Family.

A bit of Moses’ history In the summer of 2010, I moved from Northern California back to Southern California to explore starting a new church with the Evangelical Covenant Church (the word “covenant” simply is a swedish word meaning “in it together”). Over this last year, I’ve been working as a Chaplain/Pastor at The Fred Jordan Mission in Downtown LA and as a Chaplain/Pastor at The Salvation Army Alegria in the Silverlake area of LA. Currently meeting in the city of Norwalk with a core group of dreamers and visionaries as we begin this new movement known as “Crave Life”! Visit us online for more info : ……………………