2011.11 01 BPHS Interact Leads the Way at Red Bibbon Week

2011.11 01 BPHS Interact Leads the Way at Red Bibbon Week

BPHS Coyotes Interact Club Leads the Way
At Red Ribbon Week 2011

The Interactors featured a booth comparing the effects of
not being on drugs and being on drugs, using Kool-Aid.
One bowl contained a regular amount of Kool-Aid and the second bowl contained a double dose of the amount of Kool-aid. The students of BPHS were to decide which one was more delicious. It was proven that the bowl with “double dose” of Kool-aid was more addicting than the regular bowl of Kool-aid.

The Hand Stamp game was one where students answered
True or False to drug facts.
Students were to “stamp their hand” as quickly as possible to the questions that an Interactor asked. If correct, they are able to win the Tobacco Free Teddy Bear.

A representative from our local hospital came
and discussed the matter of drug use.

Interactors Armin and Armin, two of our JROTC classmates, formed an
honor guard at our booth to respectfully guard the wall poster titled:
“For the ones we love.”
This area had a place where students were able to write a special message to a loved one or something respectful for a family that had faced the effects of drug abuse.

Buena Park Rotary sponsors both Buena Park High School Interact Club and Savanna High School Interact Club.
Both of our Interact Clubs are active in the community and on campus. We salute these young future leaders.