2011.12 07 Rotarians in the Community April 2012

2011.12 07 Rotarians in the Community April 2012

In April 2012
Rotarians at Work in their Community Day
will be highlighted around the world.

Rotarians-at-Work Day happens in April each year. Is your Club ready to join? Started in 2006 as a joint effort between two Rotary Districts (one in the United States and one in Mexico), Rotarians-at-Work Day continues to grow. Each year, Clubs around the world identify a hands-on project that all members can participate in to help their local community. The day is a great way to revitalize your Club, bring in new members and generate publicity for Rotary.

In 1911, Rotarians enthusiastically adopted the motto “Service Above Self” because it so aptly articulated the ideals that the fledgling organization was in the process of developing. Through the vision of PDG Bob Watson from District 5340, every Rotarian in the world has the opportunity to renew our commitment to this timeless message of compassion and generosity of spirit by participating in Rotarians-at-Work Day during April 2012.
We ask that all clubs in District 5320 select a project that they can do in their community. The activity can be done any time during April, and your success story can be shared with all clubs in District 5320. Clubs are encouraged to partner with other clubs, including Rotaract and Interact Clubs.
Imagine the result when our clubs and clubs around the world bring together members on Rotarians-at-Work Day to perform a variety of hands-on community service projects. This effort can help thousands, both directly and indirectly.

While you will be selflessly serving others, you will be concurrently raising your Club’s standing and prominence within your community. What a great way to reenergize your club, attract new members and retain those who may be searching for something new.

With a Rotary project, there is something for everyone to do!

Can you think of a better legacy for your Rotary Club and our District?

What project will your club select and implement on one day in April 2012? You pick the date and time. All clubs are invited to join in this effort. Plan a public relations campaign to let your community know when the event will occur and how they can become involved.

For more information, contact: your Clubs AG

Let’s all get involved in Rotarians at Work this year!

District Governor Greg Owen and
Community Service Director Dennis Salts