2012.05 02 Gold Leaf for Mary Recella Austin Salts

2012.05 02 Silver Leaf in honor of Mary Recella Austin Salts

2012.05 02 Gold Leaf for Mary Recella Austin Salts

A Gold Leaf was placed honoring Mary Recella Austin Salts at the Ehlers Community Center May 10th on the Legacy Tree Wall of the Senior Center.

Mary was an active member of the BP Senior Club from 1971-1988, when she passed away. During her years of membership, Mary attend most of the Senior Events and was hostess for many of them. She was a loving Mother and Grandmother. She was beloved by the neighbors in the flower tract
for her kind deeds, like baking cookies for neighborhood Children.

Mary was born in Beatrice, Nebraska in 1905 and was a teacher
in a one-room schoolhouse before she married Fritz Oliver Salts.
The family moved to California in 1944. They raised 5 children.
Attending a family reunion in 1980 were Mary and Fritz’s five children,
ten grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren. Family members live in California, Washington state and Oklahoma.

Their children are shown in the pictures above. Their names are: Stella Lillian Brunssen, Fritz Oliver Salts JR, Harley Dale Salts,
Mary Alyce Ador, and Dennis Lee Salts

*The Rotary Connection*
Mary’s brother Col. Harry Allen Austin was active in Rotary International. Harry introduced the family to Rotary. There are several Rotary Foundation Paul Harris Fellows in the family: Col. Harry Austin, Mary and Fritz Salts,
Dennis and Christiane Salts, Mary Ador, Carrie and Tracy Salts.

*The PTA Connection*

Mary was an active member of the PTA in Beatrice, Nebraska, before she moved
to California, and continued to be an active member, supporting many PTA projects. She served as President over and over again, Parliamentarian and Historian.